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Our Key Ingredients

The phyto-active skincare brand resulting from Franco-Korean research.

Our innovation? Restore the skin's balance in the face of daily aggressions so that it regains its natural harmony.

LUMIPHENOLS - Restoring the skin's balance

Integrated in all Jowaé skin care products, this patent-pending* extract comes from Sempervivum Tectorum, a medicinal plant with incredible resistance, even in hostile environments. No wonder its Latin name means "always alive"!

Their high content of antioxidants, polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids, helps the skin to rebalance and protect itself against daily aggressions (pollution, UV, stress, fatigue...).

PROTECTION: antioxidant shield
DETOXIFICATION: activation of natural defences
REPAIR: revives cellular metabolisms
LUMINOSITY: regulates melanin synthesis


The embodiment of femininity in Asia

Laboratoire Jowaé has selected Sakura flower water, whose annual flowering is always an event. Rich in essential minerals, its intensely thirst-quenching hydrolate is present in all Jowaé moisturising products.


Symbol of purity and spirituality in the East,

For its purity range, Laboratoire Jowaé has selected the sacred lotus. Rich in antioxidants, the sacred lotus has protective properties as well as soothing and astringent virtues. Protected, purified and matified, combination to oily skin finds its way back to balance and radiance.

KUMQUAT - Energizing hydration

Superfruit from the Korean pharmacopoeia.

The kumquat, also called 'Golden Orange' in Asia, is the smallest citrus fruit in the world. Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, minerals and sugars, it has hydrating and energizing properties. This superfruit is a real energy shot for overworked skin.

RED GINSENG - Anti-wrinkle

Used in traditional Korean medicine for thousands of years.

A true ally of anti-ageing care, red ginseng is the flagship ingredient of Jowaé anti-wrinkle care. Rich in ginsenosides, red ginseng's antioxidant properties have numerous benefits for the beauty of mature skin, helping to make it smoother and more toned!

OFFICINAL PEONY - Make-up remover

Queen of flowers in Asia,

At the heart of the Jowaé make-up remover range, the officinal peony blossoms. Its advantage? Paeoniflorine with its soothing power. Ideal for reviving the radiance of dull and tired skin.

BAMBOO WATER - Hydration and protection

A sacred plant in traditional Asian medicine,

At the heart of the moisturising formulas for the face and body, Laboratoire Jowaé reveals bamboo water.
Composed of vital elements (amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, etc.), this Korean medicinal plant ensures optimal hydration and intensely revitalizes the skin.

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