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Vitamin-Rich Energizing Moisturizing Eye Gel & Moisturizing Overnight Recovery Cream-Mask


Exclusive Moisturizer Kit. All skin types, even sensitive.


Vitamin-Rich Energizing Moisturizing Eye Gel :

With antioxidant Lumiphenols & Kumquat

97% of ingredients of natural origin

Moisturises, awakens the eyes and reduces signs of fatigue.
The eye contour area is moisturised, smoothed and toned. Fatigue marks are faded, the eyes are fresh and rested.



Moisturizing Overnight Recovery Cream-Mask :

With antioxidant Lumiphenols & Kumquat

96% of ingredients of natural origin

Moisturises, smoothes and relaxes. The "long night of recuperative sleep" effect. On waking, the skin is moisturised, smoothed and visibly rested. The complexion is fresh and luminous as after a long night's sleep.

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